Durga Pujo Special Blouse Looks

Handpicked by style experts at the house of Uttariya

Be it the first night of pandal hopping, the arrival of Shashti morning and the spirit of merriment in the air, or the morning Anjali on Maha Ashtami day; whenever we think of what to wear on these days of celebration and nights of festivities, the first outfit we think of is a traditional attire. And especially women, it’s more often than not, a stunning saree. Isn’t that so?

Well, we want you to look your very best this Durga Pujo and therefore, we have carefully selected some of our finest pieces from our exclusive designer blouse collection. Take a look and order your favourite one, ahead of the festive season!

Golden Durga Blouse

This unique blouse design is meant for the upcoming occasion. The sheen of silk shines through the bright colour palette, as the USP of this hand-embroidered blouse, grabs all the eyeballs. The blouse back showcases the epitome of fine craftsmanship with Maa Durga embroidery that becomes the highlight of this statement piece.

Maharani Blouse

The bright purple hue of the blouse blends beautifully with the colours of celebration as the floral buta artwork on the sleeves make way for the grandeur at the back of this gorgeous blouse design. Made using pure cotton, the blouse is a comfortable fit, and the elaborate embroidery enhances the individualistic style quotient. Be the queen you truly are, with Uttariya’s Maharani Blouse.

Madhuban Blouse

True to its name, the Madhuban Blouse showcases a garden of all things stunning. The detailing on this designer blouse is nothing if not a fine example of excellent artisanal work. Handcrafted, hand-embroidered, and inspired from culture, this blouse design will add a touch of brilliance to your look this festive season.

Durga Blouse

You can hear Pujor Dhak as you look at the picture of grandeur that this blouse design paints. With colour contrast at its best, use of festive shades, and intricate embroidery, this Durga Blouse from the house of Uttariya is the perfect pick for this season of festivities.

Now all you have to do is add our handpicked blouse designs to your Pujo shopping list and start adding to cart. You can explore more of our wonderful blouse designs, only at www.uttariya.com