Ikkat Sarees

Saree is more than ethnic traditional wear in India. It is synonymous with nostalgia and memories. Don’t we all covet the heritage handloom weaves from our grandmother’s closet? Trends come and go, but the saree has always been a fixture in the world of fashion. This six yards of cloth is the perfect combination of elegance, beauty, and tradition.

Ikkat Saree

Due to the cultural and regional diversity of India, the subcontinent is the home of different kind of sarees that varies from one region to the other. One of the most celebrated styles is Ikkat Saree. Handloom Ikkat is very popular among the women of India and is considered a bridge between vintage and modern styling. Ikkat is dying method that is done on silk and cotton fabrics. Whether it is Pochampally Ikkat or Orissa Ikkat, the textures and colors are vibrant and eye-catching.

The Ikkat print is a form of tie and dye art that is weaved into the fabric to create these gorgeous sarees. What seems like a simple design on the fabric is a very complex style of weaving that the Indian artisans have mastered through ages. The artisans weave the dyed threads on cotton or silk fabrics, giving it a unique indigenous look that is both traditional and contemporary. Over time, Ikkat prints have migrated from sarees and are now replicated on shirts, t-shirts, kurtas, and many more types of wearables.

Ikkat Saree 1

The art of making Ikkat sarees is currently practiced in three states, namely, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujrat. While Orissa Ikkat is mostly cotton sarees, the Pochampally Ikkat originating from Andhra Pradesh are silk sarees. While the weaving styles and texture of both these Ikkat sarees differ slightly, it cannot be denied that both are mesmerizingly beautiful.

Ikkat sarees are the epitome of fashion and had bowled over world-renowned designers like Jhane Barnes and Missoni, who created their collection after being inspired by Ikkat designs. Whether you are a saree enthusiast or an occasional wearer, an Ikkat saree is perfect for every occasion. It is not too heavy for daily wear and not too shabby for special occasions. Wrap around this six-yards of elegance on you and feel like a queen.

Ikkat sarees