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We are in this digital era for consumers, where retail is made effortless and almost indistinguishable from magic. Let us make it more simple for you, Uttariya provide such magic to you.

Are you a trend follower? 

If yes, let me then ask you what is in the trend for a long time rolling back years to the ancient period? You don't even have to think twice, yes it's the Handloom woven fabric a part of the beautiful heritage of India. For decades this classic fabric has ruled the hearts of women and men and extending its custom even today. We have much pride in saying it’s a part of our rich culture.

Uttariya was established in 2016 with a motto to revive weaving and provide the weavers with a global platform to get the recognition they deserve for all their efforts put into weaving. It was the passion of a few ambitious people, their love for ethnic wears, and pride in promoting handloom weavers, which led them to launch their website. A platform to make these cultural fabric clothes available to you anywhere across the world.

Peeps, are you looking for more reasons to go for our attires?

Well, here you go, we have got some unique ones for you.

  1. Let it be any occasion Uttariya Handloom sarees are the timeless fashion refusing to retire.

Leading fashion designers have put in their efforts to revive handloom sarees through Uttariya. So a perfect Uttariya handloom saree can take you through from day time casual look to evening glam looks to formal dinner looks effortlessly. With a combination of our saree, blouse, and different styles of draping, the spotlight is going to be on you.

We have the best selling handloom sarees listed out for you, do check these out -

  • Blue Disha handloom Saree a light weighted easy to carry saree that gives you a casual look with elegant work.

  • Lime leaf saree is an exquisite quality cotton handloom. This saree is a perfect choice to portrait your glam looks.

  • Check Maroon Handloom Saree traditional as well as a trendy saree, attract youth with its looks. It has become a buzz among the teens of Bengal. From the feedback, we received many have found it to be the best wear on their first dates.

  • Begampuri Saree is loosely woven, light-weight make and has contrasting borders in different shades that light up the charm and individuality of these sarees. Weavers use a pit loom or frame loom for weaving these sarees in the small town of Begumpur, West Bengal.


  1. Every Uttariya saree tells a story, especially the six yards of sheer elegance from lost weaves have a lot to say:
  • Dongria Saree in Blue- The highlight of this saree is its colour blend. The best way to flaunt it is by carrying the pallu from the back to your right shoulder. Dongria sarees are detailed with vibrant woven design and vivid colours depicting rural landscape on the pallu, and it spells feminine grace and ethnic flair. Dongria Kondh community is one of the vulnerable and traditional tribes living in Southern Orissa. We encourage them by buying their products in original form, and with the help of leading designers, we have it in modern styles also for you.

  • Dabu Indigo print Saree- Dabu print is an ancient hand block printing technique which radiates the saree grace with style. This print fabric is known for displaying subtle depth. Traditional Dabu prints are made up of natural dyes and paste derived from fruits. Many fashion designers have taken inspiration from Dabu print fabric, and their Dabu print garment collections are now available to you through Uttariya.

  • Kantha Stitch Saree - Kantha, a popular style of embroidery that comes from West Bengal, is a significant symbol that portraits the skill and talent of the rural women in Bengal. The type of stitch is running stitch and is very simple. Uttariya has found these unique talents and made their life meaningful by providing them with a place to showcase their talents. Traditionally this embroidery was used for dhotis and sarees, but over a period it has evolved and made its way right into the heart of Indian fashion.


  1. If Uttariya's attire makes a statement, our accessories are the exclamation point of the statement made.

You are one in a million with no fear of making a statement, so be the one who sets the trend. So come on, ladies, it's your time to show off your outfit with Uttariya’s jewellery selections filtered for you to stand out from millions. 


You are a Queen!! You can rule the fashion world with our attires.

 It's our pleasure to get you ready for the throne.


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