Beautiful in Banarasi

Make your Banarasi ‘fit perfect by avoiding these common saree faux pas

Whenever it comes to a special celebration or a grand event, our go-to pick is often a gorgeous Banarasi Saree. A wedding essential, a wardrobe must-have, we believe most of you will have at least one Banarasi Saree that is your absolute favourite look for all big events. Although it’s pretty common, some of us might still go wrong with the Banarasi Saree look, and the reasons could be many.

Let Uttariya tell you some of the common Banarasi Saree styling mistakes that many of us make, so you can ensure you get your look just right the next time.


We get it! Who doesn’t love accessorising. But when it comes to Banarasi Sarees, a little can also be a lot. And here’s why. Banarasi Sarees are pretty gorgeous themselves, from heavy pallus, to zari artworks, to a shimmery colour palette, they have everything to glamourize your look. Excessive accessories can take away the focus from the beauty of the saree thereby ruining the whole look.

We suggest keeping the accessories to a minimum. And if you are looking for one such gorgeous Banarasi piece, check out our Handloom Silk Banarasi Saree.


Now that’s a mistake a lot of us make with many types of sarees. But it can go especially wrong when wearing a Banarasi Saree. Suppose you choose to wear a petticoat that has a lot of flare, what will end up happening is that your saree will no more accentuate or complement your silhouette, but instead your choice of petticoat will only make you look bulkier. Another common error we end up making is choosing the wrong colour. Suppose you are wearing our Rose Pink Banarasi Saree, pairing it with a white petticoat will only dull down the colour killing the whole vibe of your look.


When you have made the effort to pick and drape a beautiful Banarasi Saree for your upcoming social event, you better not go casual with your footwear. We recommend picking style and elegance over comfort this one time. We think heeled sandals could work perfectly. Remember to avoid flats/chappals at all costs.


Don’t give more thought to picking the right blouse than needed. Here’s a quick solution, just use the saree fabric to get the blouse stitched. And it is recommended that the border design of the saree is implemented in the blouse design, especially around the arms and the back. With Uttariya’s range of Banarasi Sarees, you get every saree with the required blouse piece. Check out our collection right away and shop now!


The type of occasion varies, and your Banarasi Saree pick should change in accordance with it. Now suppose you are attending a daytime event, like a Haldi ceremony; it’s best to pick a Banarasi that’s light and breezy in design instead of something that’s deep in shade and embedded with heavy artwork. We strongly recommend Uttariya’s Gold Banarasi Saree for such an event. But you can always explore our collection to find something more suited to your choice.