Turn Heads With A Terrific Contrast

How to create the perfect colour contrast with your saree look

Gone are the days of plain sarees and matching blouses. A lot of us are used to picking the shade and design of the blouse that perfectly fits the patterns of the saree; be it matching it to the border colour, or picking a blouse with the same design aesthetic. Or just going safe with a saree that comes with an attached blouse piece and avoiding the hassle of getting the blouse designed separately, right?

We are here to tell you that the ‘match your blouse to your saree’ trend is passé. And we are here to give you all the tips and tricks to get on board the cool contrast caravan.

Check out all the ways you can pair a vibrant designer blouse with your sarees and make a style statement like never before.


For most of us, especially the ones who wear sarees regularly, cotton sarees are a go-to pick. Instead of picking out that same matching blouse with your monochromatic cotton saree, how about you transform your look with an Ajrakh Cotton Designer Blouse? The interesting prints and vivid patterns create a beautiful contrast and amp up your whole style.


If you are going for a solid colour chiffon saree, or a designer georgette piece, or any fabric that complements your silhouette, we suggest going all glam with our Ikka Blouse. Its dark colour and asymmetrical pattern will create that perfectly delightful disruption that will end up being a trendsetter.


Picking linen for the summer? Why not! It’s cool, it’s comfortable, and it’s lightweight. Linen is one of the most preferred fabrics when it comes to summer saree fashion. But do you have to go with a blouse that’s boring? When you have the option to jazz up your look with our Pure Organic Kalamkari Cotton Blouse, why choose something old-school! Try this look and let us know how many compliments you receive.


Got a wedding to attend? Or is it a grand family get-together you need to be at? You have the perfect designer saree but struggling to find that perfect blouse? Uttariya to the rescue! Explore our unique collection of Cotton Embroidered Blouse designs that present a beautiful range of patterns and find one that fits your style.


Satin is in! From the red carpet of award shows to neighbourhood functions, satin sarees are everywhere. And that’s why we are giving you the perfect pick that will complement your saree look. Satin sarees are usually a solid colour with that perfect sheen, and we think what would add to the glamour of your whole look is a Zardousi Blouse. The heavy artwork and the vivid contrast will truly create a terrific look. Do try it and let us know how much you love it!