Beauty in Batik

The Oldest Fabric Art in the World

It was some 2000 years ago, when Ambatik (as it was called originally) came into existence. Said to have originated in Indonesia, this ancient art of fabric painting combined with wax dyeing is today an extremely popular form of handloom art in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, and India.

Batik has transcended eras to make its way into the world of modern fashion and is today associated with high-end style and sophistication. Floral motifs, symbols inspired from nature and its beings, are all part of Batik art.

Batik found a strong rooting in several places across India once it was introduced to local artisans and is extremely popular today. Shantiniketan (West Bengal), Mundra (Gujarat), Injambakkam (Tamil Nadu), and Indore (Madhya Pradesh) are some of the places known for producing exquisite Batik art.

The story of Batik in Bengal

It is said that the introduction of Batik to Bengal can be credited to the great Rabindranath Tagore. As the story goes, he travelled to Java, Indonesia and was quite taken by the fascinating artwork and brough home Batik souvenirs in form of several pieces of fabric showcasing the artwork.

Soon after his return, the study of Batik art was introduced at Vishwabharati University in Shantiniketan as Tagore hoped to revive the tradition of Batik art in the country. Soon the art crossed borders to gain popularity across India with more and more artisans getting involved with the art form and honing their craftsmanship.

What makes Batik artwork special?

  • A painstaking process that needs time and dedication: If you see the work on our Pure Silk Padmawati Batik Saree, you will know about the extensive craftsmanship that goes into creating an exquisite Batik design
  • The fabric is waxed before dyeing and then goes through a dewaxing process for the colours to pop out beautifully
  • Batik art can be done using three different methods, splash, hand-painted and screen printed: Our Nisabdh Batik Saree beautifully showcases splash Batik work, check it out on our website.
  • Batik art allows scope for creative experimentation and storytelling through the design: The Handloom Ashique Batik Saree is a stuninng example of such creative expression.

As Batik continues to make its mark in the world of ethnic fashion, the house of Uttariya brings to you the finest designs in Batik. If the story of Batik has piqued your interest, then it’s time for you to elevate your style today and explore our Tale of Wax - Batik Sarees collection.