My Handloom, My Heritage

The tale of my loom & me.

When something is handmade, it automatically becomes a little more special. From a tiny accessory, to six yards of sheer elegance, no matter what it is, when crafted by hand, it’s more beautiful.

Handwoven fabric indeed has a charm of its own. The detailing, the intricacy, the weaves, the warp & the weft, the thought, the story; there’s so much that goes into a handwoven fabric. Traditions have transcended across eras and the art has been passed on through generations so we could today witness the magic of handloom.

Each piece of handloom creation has a story behind it. It could be a tale of nostalgia, a childhood memory, a tale of craft that’s been inherited, or it could just be exquisite craftsmanship. No matter what drives the artisans, what matters is what they create with these emotions, and how those creations make an impact.

The art of handloom can be dated back to centuries, the legacy has only lived on owing to the craftsmanship that is rooted in the rustic lands where these art forms were born. Be it Dongria, Begumpuri, Batik, or Jamdani, every craft that has become a part of the handloom saga has an awe-inspiring origin story.

As per data sourced from the Fourth All India Handloom Census, approximately 31.45 lakh households in India practice the craft of handloom. In fact, the handloom sector currently employs over 43 lakh people which means, the handloom industry alone is contributing a lot to the fabric production sector in India. 

Now that we have somewhat discussed the enigma of handloom, let’s look at how Uttariya plays a crucial role in not only promoting the art but also the artisans.

Different states have varying legacies when it comes to styling and attires; but what we do, is create exclusivity with an amalgamation of different styles, by blending the old with the new, the vintage with the modern. Our artisans can take the liberty to conceptualize a design that highlights their craft, but it also has to beautifully liaise with the urban aesthetic. We give our artisans and craftsmen the kind of platform that allows them to experiment while also enlightening them about modern fashion which enhances their skillset empowering them to move ahead in life.

The heart of Uttariya lies in heritage, and that’s exactly what inspires exquisite handloom work that exhibits stunning craftsmanship. The art has been passed on from one era to another and the handloom legacy has been upheld beautifully.

The cultural relevance, the historic importance, and the place of handloom in our story is something that must be passed down to younger generations. But as of now, we are trying to do our bit to keep the handloom tradition and craft alive and flourishing by bringing the magic of handloom to your doorstep.