Blouse Design


The saree story is incomplete without the mention of a blouse. One cannot imagine a stunning saree look without a perfectly well-suited blouse.

When it comes to ethnic fashion, saree is the go-to choice for most of us. From forms to colours, patterns, and weaves, the variety of sarees available in the market is extensive. And complementing the gorgeousness of the saree is an elegantly designed blouse.

Blouse styling has evolved over the years, be it the prints, the embroidery, the back, or the neckline, blouse designs keep getting trendier. And Uttariya is here to help you stay on top of such trends with a list of our favourite blouse designs that are becoming the trendsetters of 2022!



Kalamkari Cotton Blouse

When confusion strikes, Kalamkari comes to the rescue! Not too funky, not too sober, this sleeveless blouse design is a perfect pick for summer. The neutral shade makes this blouse multipurpose, when it comes to picking a saree for a variety of events. And the flamingo print adds to the glam quotient making this design stand out. Check out the pure organic Kalamkari cotton fabric blouse right away.



Indigo V-Neck Blouse

Blouses and necklines is a never ending dilemma. But the V-neck has been gaining tremendously popularity among the saree wearing crowd. It goes well with a variety of drapes and has an oomph factor attached to it that enhances its appeal. The Fish Indigo V-Neck Blouse from Uttariya plays on the culture factor with the subtle symbolism in its design while also being a trendsetter. Style this unique blouse with your saree and steal the spotlight.




Pasmina Blouse

Designer blouses are always the talk of the town, whatever be the trend of the season. Inspired from the colour of the sea, and adorned with floral motifs, the Pasmina Cotton Designer Blouse is the one piece, missing from your wardrobe. High on comfort and higher on style, this gorgeous blouse showcases intricate embroidery that blends well with a wide array of saree looks.



Chickoo Boat Neck Blouse

Silk never goes out of style! And this blouse design is a classic example of everlasting style. Your signature statement deserves this gorgeous designer blouse that showcases harmonious patterns which represent the melodies of the stories from our past. Rooted in traditional craft, this design redefines simple sophistication. Shine out amidst the crowd with the Chickoo Boat Neck Silk Blouse.


Mughal Designer Blouse

Vintage inspired style is making a smashing comeback and we have the perfect fits that will help you hop on to the trend. The Orange Mughal Designer Blouse from Uttariya employs hand embroidery to create regal patterns inspired from Mughal architecture. Elevate your elegance with a hint of our rich heritage as you sport such exclusive pieces from the house of Uttariya.


Sui Dhaga Blouse

Like a walk in the garden, like a summer breeze; the Sui Dhaga Yellow Cotton Blouse brought to you by Uttariya is a unique piece that showcases exquisite floral embroidery on a vibrant yellow backdrop. The vivid hues create a colourful canvas that makes this design limelight worthy. 


Ruhani Boat Neck Blouse

A tradition that has been derived across generations, a story that has inspired many; the Ruhani Boat Neck Grey Blouse is designed with authentic Kantha Stitch embroidery and is representational of our tradition. This design creates the perfect blend between classic and contemporary by using an age-old craft on a modern cut; making this blouse both chic and graceful. 


Jamdani Cotton Blouse

The Red Handspun Jamdani Cotton Blouse, although conventional in its look, is very contemporary in its style. The design is such that it blends well with a variety of drapes, and the colour enhances your aura of elegance. Handcrafted to perfection, this blouse design is a must-have for your wardrobe.


Madhura Cotton Blouse

When it comes to Uttariya, designs push the envelope, and concepts go beyond the primary garment. We ensure that your persona reflects in every piece of your outfit. The Madhura Cotton Blue Blouse is adorned with conceptual artwork that takes shape with our expert hand-embroidery telling a tale of your homeland. Such is the beauty of this design that gives your look a sharp modern touch while keeping it stunningly traditional.



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