7 Blouse Designs from the House of Uttariya that will Steal Your Heart

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The saree and blouse are like two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. The beauty of a saree comes out when it is worn with the ideal blouse. Saree is not just another traditional ethnic clothing in India. It is one of the most popular garments in India and comes in many forms, weaves, and colours.

Even the way the saree is worn differs from one state to the other. However, saree still remains the most elegant ethnic wear in India, despite its many variations in wear and weave.


Complementing the saree in its every step is the blouse. Blouses have a zest and aura of their own and without this piece of garment, a saree looks incomplete. The change in time and style influenced blouse designs tremendously. The designs are being innovated every day and are getting fancier and trendier with time. Here is a list of seven blouse simple blouse designs for 2019 that will complete your sarees flawlessly.

Handpainted Kalamkari Blouse :

Are confused about what to wear at an event that would not be too funky or too understated? Guess what? You can easily wear a saree to these events with an ideal blouse. This blouse beige coloured blouse is adorned with colourful and intricate handpainted Kalamkari designs at the front and back of the blouse. This pure cotton, non-padded handpainted blouse opens from the front and has a round blouse neck design. It is a must-have in your wardrobe and will complement all kinds of sarees.

Designer Blouse

Sun Blouse :

One of the most popular blouse designs of 2019, the Sun Blouse from Uttariya can be paired with both solid and printed sarees. This is a pure cotton blouse that sports an exquisite Warli painting weaved with careful precision at the back. The black threads contrast beautifully with the mustard yellow cotton cloth. This is one of the latest blouse designs that have gained massive popularity in the market.

Sun Blouse

Ganesh Blouse :

Add a touch of fusion to your festive look with this embroidered Ganesh Blouse from the house of Uttariya. Adorn this blouse with heavy Kundan earrings to bring an ethnic-modern flair to the overall look. The Ganesh motif has been embroidered with red, white and green threads and this blouse can be worn with any saree that contrasts with the pretty blue colour. You can wear with brightly coloured saree like this red silk or pair it with a contrastingly light coloured saree and look equally amazing.

Ganesh Blouse

Designer Bird Blouse :

If you are looking for blouses for daily wear then this latest blouse design is perfect for it. This blouse sporting colourful embroidered bird designs and motifs is simple yet classy. You can easily buy readymade blouses designs from Uttariya at affordable rates. Style this blouse with dainty, work wear jewellery and look your best for all occasions.


Blue Designer Blouse with Bell Sleeves :

One of the most popular blouse designs of 2019 is the flared sleeves blouse design. This is an amazing style trend that can be picked up for any festive occasion or party night. This Royal Blue blouse design has been tailored to perfection following a contemporary pattern to showcase a modern style. Pair this blouse with a pastel colour saree to look alluring and beautiful.

Blue Designer Blouse

Shoulder Glaze Blouse :

This stunning blouse design has been making people go gaga. This is one of the latest blouse designs of 2019 that has been ruling the style charts since the end of last year. Wear the Shoulder Glaze cape style blouse with a plain saree as the blouse itself is a show-stopper.

Shoulder Glaze Blouse

Peach Designer Blouse with Knots :

Elegant and sensuous - these are the two words that can truly describe this Peach designer blouse from the house of Uttariya. This new blouse design is simple to put on and is best suited for gala nights and parties. It can also be worn on festive occasions. Pair this blouse design with tender silk, Georgette, or chiffon to perfectly complement the blouse fabric and design.

Peach Designer Blouse


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