Sindur Khela: Why Do Bengali Women Play with Sindur On The Last Day of Durga Puja?

Indians are familiar with the ritual Sindur Khela that takes place at the last place of the Durga Puja. Till date, Durga Puja customs and rituals have been depicted in great details on many films like Kahaani and television shows. In these shows, Bengali women were shown playing with vermilion. While Sindur Khela is quite famous among Bengalis and non-Bengalis, not many know about the history and significance of this ritual.

Celebrating Durga – The Daughter and The Goddess
According to Bengalis, Goddess Durga travels to her home on Earth once a year for five days, which we celebrate as Durga Puja. Durga Puja is more than just a religious festival for Bengalis. It is a celebration of a married daughter coming to her maika or mother’s home, which is why celebratory feasts prepared includes fish and meat.

On the last day of Durga Puja – Vijaya Dashami – as the Goddess prepares to leave her mother’s house and travel back to the Himalaya, a few rituals are carried to bid the Goddess a proper farewell. Sindur Khela is one such custom that takes place before the Goddess starts her journey with her

As Goddess Durga is a married woman and vermillion in India represents the marital status of a woman, the Sindur is used to celebrate the Goddess’s married status.

White Saree with a Red Border – The Universal Look for Sindur Khela
White saree with a red border is the undisputed traditional look for Sindur Khela and over the years many different looks revolving this attire has come up. No matter how many types of sarees a Bengali woman buys for Durga Puja, her shopping list will always have a white saree with a red border for Sindur Khela.

Bengali women wearing this particular saree look like royalty. Uttariya offers all its beautiful buyers a wide range of gorgeous sarees and we have to say that the white saree with red border has always been a bestseller. No matter how many sarees you buy, Durga Puja remains incomplete without a white saree with red border worn on Dashami.

With the passage of time and change in fashion, many different variations of the white saree with the red border have emerged in the market. Here are some of them from Uttariya’s collection that you can wear for Sindur Khela and look your absolute best.

Dongria Saree

An interesting spin to the traditional white saree with a red border, this Dongria saree brings in weaves of black to make the outfit look uber gorgeous and different.

Dongria Saree in White

Baluchori Saree
This red and white Baluchori is the perfect example of the famous white saree with a red border that all Bengali women wear during Sindur Khela. Do not miss out the exquisite patterns on the pallu weaved in red and black threads.

Red & White Baluchori Saree

Ikkat Saree
This Ikkat is another take on the red and white saree. If you prefer simple designs, then this saree is just for you. However, do not miss out the colourful pallu that matches the striking white body.

Ikkat Saree

Linen Saree
Light and comfortable, this designer Linen saree with red floral motifs all over the body is a modern take on the red and white saree. Wear it with a blood-red blouse and look like a Diva on Dashami.

Designer Linen Saree

This Durga Puja wear your best with Uttariya sarees and make your Dashami special by choosing any of these gorgeous red and white sarees from Uttariya’s collection.

Sindur khela