Blouses and Stories

You remember the Times when you would pass by a lake and the lotus flowers embedded on its surface would fill your heart with surprise. You would go back home thinking of the lake and wondering how would a lotus feel in the palms of your hands. Uttariya weaves this childhood longing for you into the fabric of your blouse. Painted against a dark sky color,the lotus plants whisper a tale of childhood and lakeside dreams.The azure of the blouse might seem like the infinite sky or the pond where the lotus grew. The rest is for you to decide

The world has seen the demure woman. The world now needs to see the infinitely powerful Devi. Uttariya brings you this stunning pink colored blouse with the face of the Devi adorning it. Those bewitching eyes set against a charcoal background is sure to unleash your inner diva and fearless devi. It reminds one of those childhood books which gave us a pictorial representation of the Devi. Today,we understand it in its all encompassing prowess.

What comes to your mind when you hear Dhadak? It drives home the idea of your heart,your home and the place you belong. This is what Uttariya names this piece of theirs. Ever been to an art gallery and spent hours decoding an abstract painting? We all have. This ivory colored blouse interfered with designs in black is sure to make you wonder what that painting holds. The blouse holds the beauty of the monsoons in it and memories of all those afternoons you strolled in the alleys of your favourite art gallery,pondering upon the paintings. Its now your moment to wear that art.

The memories winter afternoons with our grandmoms weaving patterns onto clothes have faded into the memory horizon. Uttariya steps in to help you relive a portion of it. Our all over jaal embroidered blouse looks straight out of our grandmoms' exquisite handiwork. This intricately embroidered blouse with peacock like motifs set against a radiant green,is your favourite childhood memory woven into fabric. Team it up with a saree of your choice and let your drape speak volumes about your taste in art.

How many summer mornings have you spent chasing that beautiful yellpw butterfly,adorning the primrose in the garden? Butterflies remind us of carefree mornings,of chasing unabashedly an object of our desire and our infinite fascination with colours. Butterflies epitomise our desire for the delicate and the free, the infinite and the colourful. Uttariya interweaves this concept of the flimsy butterfly into this piece called projapoti e mon, which translates to'my heart being a butterfly'. Let this beautiful blouse envelop you and lend wings to the chained chambers of your heart.

Uttariya's Kahaniyon ki Rani is sure to turn heads. This ochre coloured woman with a face screaming pride,as if she's holding a universe of stories in her, has a mystery of its own. The detailed embroidery set against a bright vermillion(red) is a work that screams finesse. We've all grown up spending our Sunday afternoons vexing our mothers to tell us stories. Its your turn to wear the cape of the storyteller and wear it too.

Everyone craves change. Wearing the same mundane blouse to work,ran party at home or even for a wedding, makes one develop a love hate relationship with sarees. Here's a twist. Uttariya's Ajigo blouse is the torchbearer to change your fashion game. Drape your favourite saree with this and sashay along your friends birthday party or a promotional event at your company.

Sarees are sentiments. Some carry your Ma's smell in them, some remind you of the school you no longer teach in. Some remind you of the paycheck of your first ever job and some reek of your homeland, your identity. Jamdani sarees have a legacy that every Bengali takes pride in. The Hilsa of bangladesh satiates the appetite and the Jamdanis fill up your soul. Uttariya's Dhakai jamdani blouse in a vibrant red colour radiates culture and craftiness. Drape your Nani's saree on top of this and elevate both your sentimental value and your fashion quotient as well. 

Summer was always about lemonades and aam pannas. Apart from the refreshing flavours,the colours of these concoctions were sure to soothe our souls. If gaudy colours blind you out, here's Uttariya's blouses in pastel colours. Wear it on a hot summer day and see how it teases the sun. The embalming effect of the pastel blouse is sure to calm your nerves even when the mercury is rising.

You remember how in preschool,we'd decorate the teacher's table with a few roses just to get those extra words of love from her. We've gone from plucking roses in the garden to rub in on our lips to see if it leaves a stain on our lips to letting roses speak about our love for that boy across the street. Golap is uttariya's way of recalling the memory associated with roses and the life that we've seen through rose tinted glasses.' Golap' symbolises dainty,delicate beauty and the purity of untainted love.