Summer Shimmer & Spring Bling

Stay on top of ethnic trends this spring-summer season, and flaunt your fashion with statement saree styles.

Bright sunny mornings, fascinating floral blooms, but also heat waves and sweaty days; with the arrival of the much awaited time of the year, we are ready to welcome back the pros and cons of the spring-summer season.

You know what the biggest advantage of this season is though? That you can finally get rid of those sweaters and jackets and flaunt the full glory of your gorgeous sarees. But styling for this season can be tricky, since you don’t only have to look your best, you also have to feel your best.

How about we help you out here? Check out some smart saree styling tips for the spring-summer season that will help you feel just the right amount of stylish, yet let you enjoy the bliss of comfort.

Pretty in Pastels

While we are all for a vibrant colour palette, when it comes to summers, we like to keep it simple with monochromatic pastel hues. It not only looks striking in contrast to the bright outdoors, it is also extremely soothing to look at and lets you seamlessly carry the cool factor. We bet you’ll find some pretty cool pastel sarees in our Dreamy Cotton collection, designed to bring you comfort blended with style, this summer season.

Fabulous in Florals

Well, it’s spring after all! Flowers make everything prettier, don’t you agree? And we strongly recommend adding the charm of florals to your fabulous style, this season. Floral prints blend well with the spring season and are always considered graceful in terms of fashion. Be it prints or embroidery, floral print is a perfect pick for your spring wardrobe. And if you don’t know where to start looking for the perfect saree, let us guide you towards our handspun jamdani saree, with gorgeous white on white floral embroidery that is sure to put you under the spotlight this season of style!  

Gorgeous in Georgette

Nothing but the essentials! Why we love georgette is because of its fluidity and how neatly it drapes around accentuating silhouettes. From being light yet gorgeous and adding that hint of Bollywood inspiration to your style, georgette sarees also come with an elegant aesthetic, making them a wardrobe essential for the spring-summer season.

Lovely in Linen

Crisp yet cool, the appeal of linen is truly unmatched. Known to become softer and smoother with every wash, linen is also known for its formal charm. Dress yourself in linen for a stylish work day or for a breezy dinner date and enjoy the pleasant charm of a lovely linen saree. Upgrade your spring-summer saree collection with our range of beautiful Indigo sarees.

Amazing in Organza

You simply cannot go wrong with this pick during spring-summers. Organza sarees perfectly blend with the season with their minimalistic patterns and light tones. These are not only lightweight but also create a beautiful breezy aura, that lets you feel the comfort on the inside while looking trendy on the outside.