Love Online Shopping? Learn How You Can Make It Safer

We are constantly on our devices and every time we surf online, coming across an E-Commerce portal is inevitable. We have plenty of shopping sites at our disposal, from fashion, to kitchen ware, food to hardware, it has everything and it’s present everywhere.

What makes online shopping all the more fun is the part where it is so convenient. The Internet allows us to do some research of our own to find the best prices, or quickly find the sale of the season and in a week’s time, our favourite products are at our doorstep. Easy, enjoyable, and instantly gratifying, there are so many positive emotions that surround online shopping that we often overlook the drawbacks of it.

From product quality, to customer support and security threats, online shopping could result in a disturbing experience if the consumer is not aware enough.

Uttariya is happy to share some great tips that will make your online shopping experience happy, and hassle-free.

Tip #1 Secure Connection

Make sure your computer has anti-virus/firewall protection that will protect your data from malicious softwares that can potentially hack into your system. It is always recommended to not do any financial transactions when you are using a public network, since they have the risk of being compromised. Another important thing to look out for is the website link. You can ensure that a portal is using a secure server if they have https in the link instead of just http.

If you check the website link for Uttariya, you will see that we use a secure server.


Tip #2 Brand Image

It is always better to shop from a brand that has a positive image and a good reputation in the market. It is even better if you have known the brand personally or through a close contact who can authenticate the brand.

If you don’t find their website satisfactory, you can always check for reviews to ensure that the brand is trustworthy and its products are of premium quality.

As far as Uttariya is concerned, our Google Reviews serve as the perfect example of how much we are loved by our valued clients.


Tip #3 Terms & Conditions

Yes, we know that no one reads these, but you should also know that they are shared for a reason. It is important that you, as a consumer, always thoroughly go through the terms and conditions document so you are fully aware in case a mishap happens and you have to hold the merchant accountable for the same.


Tip #4 Strong Password

A lot of sites give you the option to create an account before you can proceed with checkout. You can choose to not do this and continue as a guest user, in fact we recommend doing that if you are not a frequent visitor to that particular site. However, if you are a returning consumer, then it’s better to sign up but when you do so, make sure you create a very strong and unique password, preferably one that is not in use in any of your other accounts.


Tip #5 Shipping & Return Policies

This is not just about the shipping charges because that depends on a lot of variable factors. What you do need to check for is whether the brand has package tracking features, if applicable, which third-party courier service they use, and obviously, if the shipping charges justify the total amount paid for the product.

Uttariya has an in-built Tracking Feature in the website that helps you conveniently track your products. And our Customer Support is available on WhatsApp so you can be able to reach out to us any time with your query.

As far as return policies are concerned, see if the brand offers something that you are comfortable with. For instance, while some brands give you a full refund, some offer an exchange. Go through the policies carefully to avoid any disappointment after the purchase.

Uttariyadoes not provide a refund. However, we allow our customers to exchange the products multiple times until they are completely satisfied with their purchase, and additionally we also offer store credit.