To Saree Or Not To Saree?

Some workplaces follow a strict dress code, some on the other hand, don’t have one. However, in both cases, sarees are hardly ever the first choice, when it comes to dressing up for work.

We often save the saree look for cultural events and traditional days at offices, but what do you think about incorporating saree into your daily look? Uttariya thinks it’s a fab idea! Let us tell you why.

  1. It lets you break the monotony of the conventional work styling that includes western formals, semi-formal attires
  2. It helps you stand out with a distinctive style statement
  3. The flexibility factor: no matter your size, saree fits all. You don’t have to fret over finding the right sized trousers, saree looks great on all body types
  4. And finally, the weather. Sarees are great picks for all seasons, across the year; all you gotta do is pick the right fabric and enjoy the bliss of comfort

Now that we’ve established why saree is a wise wardrobe choice for the workplace; let’s discuss how to style a saree and look your professional best!

Apart from ensuring that you choose the right kind of fabric that lets you be comfortable for long work hours, you must also take into consideration the fact that your overall look has to be formal and elegant.

Below are a few tips that will help you achieve just that.

The Colour Palette

You have to be careful to not go wrong with this basic styling aspect. The colour of your saree should showcase a professional look. Save the glam for after hours and pick a colour that’s subtle, simple, and elegant. We recommend pastel shades like the ones you find in Uttariya’s Dreamy Cotton collection.

Fabric Of Choice

Remember that you’re at work for 8 to 9 hours in a day, if not more. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose a fabric depending on its comfort factor. Cotton is always the go-to choice given its crisp texture and how comfortable it feels against the skin. Cotton sarees are indeed the perfect choice for a beautifully ethnic, yet formal look. But another type of fabric that we believe would be a great choice is woven linen. The soft texture of this fabric allows your skin to breathe and it’s great if your work involves a lot of movement. Take a look at our Ajrakh collection and see if you find something that suits your style.



Blouse Styling

The blouse has the power to make or break the entire saree look. Given the fact you are creating a formal and professional saree look, the blouse you pick, plays a very important role. Although it is important that it matches your saree, also ensure that it complements the workplace dress code ethics. We strongly recommend going conventional and not experimenting too much with the blouse design. You can explore a wide range of multi-purpose blouses on the Uttariya website, don’t miss out on our New Arrivals.

Accessory Aesthetics

When it comes to glam-ing up, a little spark would suffice. And you can achieve that perfect look with minimal accessories. When dressing up for work, simple pieces work the best. A statement necklace, or chunky oxidized silver earrings go very well with saree looks. If you want to look at some great options in accessories, check out the jewellery collection on the Uttariya website.

Now that you have a fair idea about styling a saree for work, we hope you will upgrade your wardrobe with an all new saree collection from Uttariya. And don’t forget; when in doubt, wear a saree!