Sarees for every Naari

"You don't look good in a saree", said no one ever.

With saree styles aplenty, there's always a saree that's a perfect fit for you. Let us help you find the perfect match and reinvent your style.

With one of the finest collections in handloom sarees and designer line of sarees, blouses, ethnic wear for men and women, jewellery, and home decor, Uttariya has become a brand to reckon with.

Our owner,  Aritra Sarkar, a saree aficionado herself, is here to take you through a mini-guide of different saree styles for every body type.

Ready to find your perfect fit with a little help from the frontrunner at Uttariya? Read below to know more.

When it comes to choosing the right saree, one must take several factors into consideration. These include the fabric, the colours, and of course the print.

The perfect blend of these key aspects will create a saree look that suits you the best.

Carefully picking a saree with the right elements can be a task, but we are here to make the process easier with our expertise.

1.Perfect match for a pear shaped body

You have a pear shaped body if your hips are wider than your bust. For such body types, it is strongly recommended that you eliminate mermaid saree cuts from your options as it will make you look bulkier. To create a balanced look that complements your body type, choose fluid fabrics like georgette or chiffon. As far as colours are concerned, a pastel palette should do the trick.

2. Amazing fits for an apple shaped body

You fall under this body type if your stomach and bust area are on the heavier side, and are later than your hips. Net fabric is a strict no. What we'd suggest is heavy embroidery that draws attention towards the artwork on the fabric. Silk should perfectly suit your body type and as far as styling is concerned, you can't go wrong with the traditional ulta-pallu look.

3. The right fit for an hourglass body type

Proportionate bust and hips with a defined waistline is what an ideal hourglass body type looks like. There are a plethora of options available for you; chiffon, net, georgette, are all fabrics that will beautifully complement your silhouette. Go for dark colours and lightly embroidered designs. Heavy embellishments might not work for you so pick more delicate patterns.

4. Terrific styles for tall & slim body type

Don't want your height to be the focus of your style? Bold hues, bigger prints and broad borders are what you're looking for. The choice of fabric is again absolutely essential to get that perfect look. Lace work or net sarees are strongly recommended for such body types. Cotton and silk can also be great options to choose from.

5. Perfect pick for petite body type

Slim and short figures fall under this body type. What we suggest is that you stay away from large prints and big borders. Rather, pick sarees with thin borders and light prints. Heavy artwork or embroidery might also work for you. Try to avoid plain sarees and pick the ones with a certain level of detailing. Shades of grey or a brown to red palette will work wonders for your body type.

6. Styles for plus size

Fabrics like cotton might not suit your body type and will only end up making you look bulkier. The same goes for large prints. You know what we think will look amazing on you? Gorgeous fabrics like silk and chiffon!
Intricate patterns, minimal motifs, and a bold colour palette will suit you beautifully.

7. Well-suited for skinny body

Here's what you should avoid: very thin fabrics that cling to your body like chiffon, poly-crepes. And the fabrics we strongly recommend are heavier weaves like heavy cotton, georgette, Banarasi silk, etc. As far as colours are concerned, they could range from pale or pastel hues to bright and bold shades.