Weaving the Jamdani Story

There was once upon a time, an Arab traveller, his name was Sulaiman. It is said that back in the 9th century, he mentioned cotton fabrics, apparently so fine that they could easily pass through a ring. These fabrics that he spoke of were created in the Rahmi Kingdom of erstwhile Bengal, still undivided.

By the 12th century, these fabrics began to be modified with many external influences, and would soon be infused with colours, patterns, and symbols.

Time went by and soon the land witnessed the rule of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. It was during this era that the fabric transformed into its more elegant form, and came to be known as Jamdani (the flowered muslin).

The Jamdani Weaving Technique

Jamdani employs a discontinuous weft technique of weaving, wherein the motifs are embedded into the fabric. Not only is this method extremely time-consuming but is also considered to be one of the most advanced hand-weaving techniques in the entire world.

The Jamdani technique employs a range of styles; sometimes the designs are Butidar (overall floral motifs), sometimes Tercha (diagonal stripes), or it can also be Jhalar (forming a network); but one defining trait of Jamdani designs is that it is always an exquisite floral pattern.

Depending on the complexity of the design and the intricate details it comprises, a pure Jamdani saree can take up to one year to be completely woven. Such is the finesse of this technique.

Finding the Perfect Jamdani Saree

The weaving technique of Jamdani has been around for some time and has transcended eras to become a part of contemporary fashion. It is not just a symbol of elegance but is also a phenomenon in itself when it comes to ethnic fashion.

Having been derived from our rich heritage and culture, Jamdani holds value, given its history. And along with being a statement design piece, it also reminds us of our roots and colours us in the tints of our tradition.

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On the other hand, we have our Dhakai Jamdani Saree collection, which has a vivid colour palette and shows detailed work across the length of the drape, making it all the more exquisite.

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