Wrapping Up: Which Sarees to Wear This Durga Puja?

 With less than a month to go for the Durga Puja, the most common question we Bengalis ask each other is,

“Have you started your Puja shopping?”

The month before Durga Puja is the time when Bengalis finish their Puja shopping. I mean shopping for two outfits each for five days is a hectic task and needs to be completed before all the good stuff sells off. Sarees play an important role in Durga Puja. Let’s put it like this – without sarees, Durga Puja is incomplete for the women of Bengal. This six yard of cloth is as important as the rituals of this festival.

So, here is a complete guide of what to wear and when for this Puja.

5 Sarees Worth Buying for Durga Puja


The official first day of the Puja dawns bright and you need to set a standard for the rest of the days to follow. The para pandal is no less than the runways at a fashion show, where the models display the best of a designers collection. So, what to wear on Shasti morning?

Why not start with something light and gorgeous like this Sea Green Pure Silk Linen Saree? Not too heavy for morning wear and not to dull for Pujo madness. This silk linen from Uttariya combines elegance and timeless beauty and the color is soothing to look at in the morning light.

Sea Green Pure Silk Linen Saree

However, the Durga Pujo nights are glamorous and exciting and your attire needs to match the energy level in the air. While the Sea Green linen is great for Pujo mornings, this blue and green Balukotha Baluchori Saree will up your style quotient by several points. Flaunt the intricate patterns on the pallu of this Baluchori saree from Uttariya and stand out of the crowd.

Baluchori Saree


Shasti has set the bar and Saptami will have to follow the lead. Kolabou Snan and Saptami Anjali are the two main events that we look forward to on the second day of the Puja. So, comfort is essential if you are involved in these activities. The Exclusive handloom saree perfectly matches the tone of the occasion and is light so that you can wear comfortably and gorgeous to match the festive occasion. The light peach color is perfect for all skin tones and is not too heavy or flashy for morning wear.


Saptami evening wear has to be special just like Shasti. Whether you are planning to go pandal hopping or having a good adda with your friends, the saree has to be classy and gorgeous. The Ikkat Silk Saree is perfect for Saptami night. The red body with green pallu with the zari work running all over makes it a handloom piece that you must own.



It is finally time for the Ashtami Anjali to take place. The Ashtami Anjali dress up requires special attention and is a momentous event in the whole of the Durga Puja. People, especially women put in more efforts to get their Ashtami Anjali to look right. While white saree with a red border is common, you can take the road less taken to do something different.

This Lavender Tasar Silk Saree is perfect for offering respect to the Goddess. The bright red hue coupled with the intense and intricate multi-colored hand stitch is a visual treat to the eyes.

For Ashthami evening you can wear something lighter and break the mold when compared to Shasti and Saptami. This Green Dongria Saree combines the color of the rising and setting sun perfectly and can be worn for Asthami evening. The saree is quite bright and gorgeous in itself. So, try to keep your accessories and makeup to a minimum.



The ninth day of the festival demands to go over-the-top and no one would blame you for putting on some extra bling. This Linen saree with beautiful bird and leaf print from Uttariya's Puja collections is perfect for Nabami morning outings and adda. The saree is modern, light, and stylish and is perfect for festival mornings.

Linen Saree

No matter how much Nabami nights remind us that Pujo is coming to an end soon, you need to put on your best outfit and immerse yourself in the celebrations. This steel grey Ikkat silk saree is perfect for celebrating Nabami madness.

Pure Silk Ikkat Saree

People often consider grey to be a dull color. However, they could not be further from the truth. If matched with the right contrasting hues, grey beat even the brightest the colors in the spectrum.



Its time to bid adieu to our mother Goddess and wish her a safe journey back to Kailash. Dashami is marked by sindoor khela, the immersion of the Goddess, sadness, and promises to get together again the next year for celebrating Durga's homecoming. Sindoor Khela wearing a white saree with a red border is an eternal and beautiful tradition. Paint the town Handpainted Kalamkari Saree for sindoor khela.


Its time for Bhasan or Bisarjan. Idols of Ma Durga and her family are taken to the rivers with much pomp and celebration as we say goodbye to Goddess Durga for her journey to the Himalayas.

Bisarjan is all about the song, dance, and having fun on the last day of the festival before the bubble breaks and we return to our daily lives again. So, its best to wear light and comfortable sarees so that you can enjoy without feeling tired. This Linen saree for Uttariya Puja collection is best suited to dance to the tunes of Dashami bhasan music.

Linen Saree Collection

The yearlong wait for Durga Puja comes and goes in a jiffy. With the chant of “Asche Bochor Abar Hobe” (Next Year It Will Happen Again), we Bengalis again start counting days to next years' Durga Puja and start daydreaming again as to what to wear for the next edition of the festival.


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