Shine in a Saree: 5 Perfect Sarees for this Durga Puja


Durga Puja is more than just a festival for Bengalis. It is five days full of celebration, feasting, praying, bonding, and pandal hopping. The women dress in their most ethereal sarees designed particularly for this festival. Every year certain kind of sarees comes in fashion, especially for Durga Puja. If you are yet to complete your puja shopping, here is a list of trending sarees to wear for this year’s Durga Puja.

Jamdani Saree:

This cotton muslin Jamdani is for all those ladies you like to keep it light and classy. Jamdani saree is woven with the finest cotton and has beautiful diamond and floral motifs on the pallu. The motifs and patterns on the pallu of the saree are woven with a comparatively thicker thread to give an impression that the motif is floating. Uttariya has carefully curated some of the best cotton muslin Floral Jamdani Saree in its Puja collection that would complement your beauty and enhance it manifold.

Floral Jamdani Saree

Begumpuri Saree:

Just like the Jamdani saree, the Begumpuri saree also originates from Bengal. The Begumpuri saree is handwoven in the small town of Begumpur in West Bengal. Begumpuri sarees are light in weight, come in contrasting borders, and are woven loosely with a fram loom or pit loom. This nude coloured Cinderella Begumpuri Saree hand weave from Uttariya is perfect for pandal hopping and day outing during the Puja and will ensure that you stay comfortable while looking your best.

Cinderella Saree Hand Weave

Batik Saree:

The batik print has been an integral part of Indian wear and has gone through various stages of innovation and evolution. Batik dye print was initially carried out on cotton and silk fabrics. However, with the technology evolving every day, it is now used on Georgette sarees as well. Uttariya collection of Batik sarees brings together some of the most beautiful fabrics together to make sure you look like a diva during the festive days. This yellow and black Togor Fhul print Batik saree is unique, simple and beautiful and can be worn perfectly well during Durga Puja.

Togor Fhul print Batik saree

Chikankari Saree:

Royal, Elegant, and Mesmerizing are a few words that can describe the beauty of Chikankari saree. Chikan-Kari is basically a delicate embroidery style done on different types of fabrics like silk, chiffon, and cotton. So, a Chikankari saree basically is a saree that sports chikan embroidery on the body. Chikankari embroidery originated from Lucknow and has now gained popularity all over India. Chikankari work is basically done in light colours, like sky blue, peach, light pink, and so forth. This peach coloured Georgette Chikankari saree from Uttariya is a perfect example of this exquisitely beautiful style of embroidery. Buy the latest hand embroidered Chikankari sarees from Uttariya and feel like a queen this Durga Puja.

peach coloured Georgette Chikankari saree

Pure Silk Saree:

A woman's wardrobe is incomplete without a pure silk saree. It can be said without a doubt that every woman in India owns at least one Pure Silk Saree either of her own or handed down by her mother. As we say, in India a woman inherits her mother's sarees. A pure silk saree is like your comfort food, you wear it and feel like home immediately. It would not be wrong to say that Pure silk sarees are an all-time favourite among women and Durga Puja would remain incomplete without wearing one. This Golden Pure Silk saree from Uttariya is perfect for wearing on a Nabami night with comfort and style.

Golden Pure Silk Saree

These exquisitely beautiful pure silk sarees, batik sarees, Jamdani sarees that we talked about in this article are one of its kind and has been carefully selected by
Uttariya to offer only the best to you. Every wrap and fold of this saree represents that culture, art, and traditions India. Once you wear these sarees during the Puja, it will become a treasure trove of memories that you will cherish life long.



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